Skywalker Balloon Company

SUNRISE Hot Air Balloon Rides are Utah's most thrilling, memorable, and time-saving excursion. Flights are conducted all year round at sunrise and are suitable for the entire family (good weather required).

Since 1996, we have been EUROPEAN and family owned, completely licensed and insured.

We offer the SAFEST and MOST PERSONAL experience available. We have over 25 years of ballooning experience and can provide an unforgettable adventure. About Utah Hot Air Ballooning: Ballooning is by far the most efficient way to view Utah's natural splendor in the least amount of time. It is the safest mode of transport. Flying in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience, and 200 years later, hot air is still keeping them aloft, erasing the boundaries of time and space.

IN REGARD TO YOUR SMALL GRAND CANYON Adventure on a Hot Air Balloon They transport you back in time on an unforgettable aerial trip. The San Rafael Swell, Utah's newest National Monument, is dubbed "Little Grand Canyon" by locals. The location is similar in appearance to the Grand Canyon, albeit on a much smaller scale. The benefit is self-evident: we can fly over the canyon, stroll through it, investigate it, and so on. You're going to be blown away. Sunrise adventure flights are available all year. Contact 801 824 3934