Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies can be difficult to pin down because each channel behaves a bit differently.

The first place is to open up the booking and click on the rules tab. The bottom will describe the cancellation policy. This should be accurate about 90% of the time. Sometimes it shows no cancellation policy. In cases where it shows no cancellation, we may have to log into the channel to actually know.

We don't make any promises to the guest. Depending on who owns the property we can be nicer than the policy or may need to enforce the existing policy.

In general:

  • Percentages are based on the amount of money processed
  • Cancellation date is when they first request cancellation
  • We can only cancel direct bookings and VRBO bookings
  • Cancellations for bookings from other channels will need to be cancelled in that channel by the guest (we'll sometimes need to refund after they cancel)

For Direct Bookings & VRBO Cancellations:

  1. Ask the guest to fill out our cancellation form:

2. Then cancel the guests reservation in ORZ by clicking Cancel Booking:

3. Follow the ORZ prompts:

  • Typically you want to click "Follow the policy."
  • You want to click "cancel by the guest, or cause by their actions." The other option may ding us.
  • Also you can decide if you want to click the "send system alerts" and "send cancellation notice to guest." Send system alerts will typically notify the property owner (sometimes I don't care to have the system sent the property owner an email notice so I unclick this). The other notice sends a cancellation notice to the guest, which is most cases I like for the guest to receive.
  • After you hit > cancel this booking, the software will create an open in an editor before sending > review the email, add any information you feel necessary > then hit finalize and send.
  • Please note that for right now Kendall or Preston will handle the financials of the refunds sent to guest. At a future date we'll provide documentation of how to handle this in ORZ.

For Airbnb Cancellations:

- Please ask the guest to cancel their reservation from their side. If they cancel on their side or airbnb, airbnb handles all of the cancellation policies and financial etc. If we cancel the guests booking on our (host) side, Airbnb will ding us against our ratings, so we avoid this in most all circumstances. If there is a circumstance in which we'd like to refund the guest and allow them to get all of their money back including the airbnb fees then we typically have to submit it to airbnb support. Do this go to this link:

Contact us | Airbnb Help Center
  • Then click "message or chat with us."
  • Then the link should prompt you to submit a message and then the customer service thread should appear in your inbox so the conversation can be continued with the support specialist.

What If the guest is Mad and or Wanting a Refund Past the cancellation Terms?

  • For this reason we tried to take the emotion out of the cancellation process with the guests. For direct bookings we did this by creating and sending the guest the link to fill out their details for their cancellation (also placing an acceptance at the bottom for additional acceptance or their cancellation terms). Before this we would have guests yell at us over the phone etc... it's just easier and simpler to say I'll send you the link to fill out and done.

Another good response for direct booking is to reference back to trip insurance (trip insurance is insurance that the guest can pay in order to protect them is they cancel outside of the cancellation terms the insurance company will give the guest a refund, while the host still collects the funds):

  • Good [time of day, eg. afternoon] [name], unfortunately we are unable to approve your cancellation with a full refund due to being outside the cancellation terms. If you purchased travel insurance I would contact them as far as refunds."

Airbnb good response:

  • Good [time of day, eg. afternoon] [name], any cancellation requests will need to be submitted through Airbnb. If you purchased travel insurance I would contact them as far as refunds."
  • If the guest isn't certain about the trip insurance you can send them this:

"Here is an airbnb supported link with reference of how to purchase travel insurance with the guests reservation:"