Cancellation dependent on where the booking came from. In most cases the cancellation will need to be processed where it was made. The only exception to this is the VRBO family of bookings. Simply, the only reservations we can cancel outright are direct bookings (phone or our websites) and VRBO.

  • If the booking is not direct or VRBO, the guest will need to make the cancellation on the booking channel
  • If the booking is a direct or VRBO, the booking the guest should fill out this form and it will be processed with the appropriate emails sent to the guest.
Canyonlands Lodging Cancellation/Modification Form
Fill out this form and we will process your cancellation for Canyonlands Lodging and Vacation Rentals. Please note that typical cancellations can take anywhere from 5-7 business days process *note that during peak rental times this time may be subject to change. Most cards take about 48-72 to receiv…