Communications per Platform

Communications are different depending on the platform. Sometimes we have to create a different hack to get around how things sync with our software.


  • You can communicate via ownerrez (ORZ is typically the acronymn we use) but to avoid switching back between the two ORZ accounts you can use Airbnb and or downloads the mobile application and it will send you notifications. Many of our team prefers their mobile applications. Also, please note that have the mobile app downloaded and logged into really helps to take any after hours monitoring really simple and mobile.

VRBO (also

Please note that for VRBO and direct bookings under the inquires tab the inquires are often marked as answered (even though we have we may not have answered all of the guests questions). This is because the get an auto message thanking them for their inquiry & with a quote to book. We need still need to make sure that we are answering their questions on the platform and for the direct booking.

  • VRBO, pronounced either "V-R-B-O" or "Ver-bo." is a little bit more complicated. Typically when a guest gets ask their question they are followed up with an automated response and a quote just in case we are unable to answer them in the exact moment they inquire. We also need to follow up to their specific questions. When guests ask us a question on VRBO we should get an ORZ email to our team email. The way to provide an answer to these without having to sign into VRBO directly (VRBO's platform is actually not very user freindly and their user-interface is rather poor, so we try to avoid it as much as possible) is to sign into ORZ and under the inquires tab (not the CRM tab) and find the inquiry. Here is picture below for illustrations purposes:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-12.50.02-PM
    Then you will click on the inquiry and answer, picture shown here:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-12.51.49-PM Then under the response line you can typically see there question. Picture below:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-12.52.40-PM
    Above the line in the response section you typically have to delete the automated response. Picture:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-12.54.36-PM Another picture:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-12.54.53-PM
    And then simply type your response to the question and send. Another picture below:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-12.59.43-PM When you answer in ORZ it will mark the inquiry as answered after as shown below:Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-1.07.43-PM Please note that VRBO now blocks out our phone number with the inquiry and they only recieve it after the they book.

Trip Advisor (also Flipkey)

  • When a bookings inquiry comes through Tripadvisor, it should send us an email notification. Depending on the booking type, at times we may have to sign-in to the platform to approve the bookings. As well as the communication sometimes is handled on the platform as well as the guest should get our number after booking for any other questions they may have.

  •'s ui is also pretty bad when it comes to their website. Typically most guests communicate with us our direct number. Sometimes doesn't pass us the correct credit card number. In this case the guests will get a message via the platform. To send them a text message with the details to update their credit card details you can go to > conversation > sms > use template > BOOKING.COM NO PREPAYMENT TEXT MESSAGE > click on template > response box should auto-populate > then click send.

Direct Booking

Direct bookings are the best because we get all contact details and can simply reach out to the guests for any issues. For direct bookings you can text or email them via ORZ, our use our company email and phone line. Sometimes when you use ORZ it keeps a good conversation history with their booking that can easily be referenced. The only thing that ORZ doesn't support is phone calls. For phone call please use our company phone line. Please also note that company calls are recorded (this helps greatly for record keeping sake and being able to easily reference their previous conversations as needed). Also please note that for our website inquiries please follow the same format as how you would answer a VRBO inquiry above.


Glamping hub or GH for short. With GH, guests must inquire and be approved on the website. So after getting the email notification you will need to sign-in to the platform to to approve their bookings. You will also have to manually enter in the booking details (GH should auto-create a block, important to double check this). Then we have to enter in the booking charges (please note to enter in the net charges and not the gross charges, also cleaning charges split of etc) > then click all paid under transactions > guests should then get their check-in/out details automatically at the proper timeframe.