Coyote Canyon

If you’re looking for a real roller coaster of a ride in your Jeep without the crowds, look no further than Coyote Canyon. This trail is short and to the point — where Jeep-sized boulders greet you right off the bat. It’s a hidden gem that sadly does not show up on GPS, but you can find it on the dirt road leading down to the Area BFE if you look to the left right as you cross over the little bridge. You can always ask a local along the way for assistance finding Coyote Canyon as it’s no secret to them.

This encompasses our picks for the top seven trails to add to your off-road checklist in Moab, Utah. Getting the list down to just seven was a miracle in itself as Utah offers such a wide variety of trail styles that fulfill every Jeep lover’s dreams. So get ready to take your top off and enjoy soaking up the sun in Moab! Remember to bring along your TopLift Pros Jeep hoist tool for easy solo Jeep hardtop removal. If you don’t have one yet, get yours today so you can get going on your off-road adventures quicker and easier.