Hikes in Canyonlands National Park Needles District

Short on time? Four short, self-guiding trails highlight various aspects of the area’s cultural and natural history. Trail guides are available in the visitor center and at the entrance to the park. These should guide you to the trail-heads. There is an entrance fee to get into the park.

Pothole Point

.6 mi/1 km, 45 minutes

Uneven surface Leads to pothole communities Great views of the Needles and Six Shooters

Slickrock Trail :2.4 mi/4 km, 2 hours

Uneven surface Several viewpoints and sometimes bighorn sheep Great views of the Needles (below)

Roadside Ruin: .3 mi/.5 km, 20 minutes
Easy trail Leads to an ancestral Puebloan granary. You can see the granary in the background of the picture.

Cave Spring: .6 mi/1 km, 45 minutes and two ladders
Leads to historic cowboy camp and Prehistoric pictographs. A great trail for children with lots of variety!

Don’t forget to stop at the Visitors Center for maps and other information. Restrooms are available. Bring lots of water, small backpacks, and good hiking shoes.

Most important . . . Don’t forget your camera!