Google Maps Embedded Link

Here's how to embed a google maps link on the posts. This is a great place filler for guidebook purposes

  1. Find what you want to embed
  2. Lets do Corona Arch as an example:

3. Find the Google Maps link and then find the share button:

4. Click Embed a map:

5. Click copy html:

6. Click the + sign on the documentation software:

7. Scroll down and find where to insert HTML and click:

8. Copy code:

9. Find the code that has the width (typically with google this is pre-set as shown above as width="600") you need to erase and the number inside the "" and set to "100%" as show below:

10. Save and update & check your post to make sure the google maps post is interactive (meaning it also shrinks to a mobile size). You can do this on your browser really easy by grabbing the window and pulling to the right. Notice how the map adjust so it can be seen on mobile.