House on Fire

From Blanding: Go south on US 191 S for 4 miles. Turn right on UT-95 N. Follow UT-95 for 19.4 miles. Turn right on County Road 263 / Texas Flat Road. This road is between mile posts 103 and 102. Drive on the dirt road for 0.3 miles. Park where the road crosses the first canyon. There is space to park your car on the right side of the road. There is room for more parking further up the road. During wet weather the road becomes impassable.

Find a trail on the north of the road that is going into the South Fork of Mule Canyon. You will pass a trail register. The trail is well defined. You will walk through a wide shallow canyon. The vegetation is pinyon pines and junipers and desert scrub with cottonwoods and willows where there is more water.

About a mile from the trail-head is the House on Fire ruin site. Be careful not to walk by because trees obscure your view. The House on Fire ruin site has 5 rooms and gets it names from the unique sandstone pattern above the ruin. Please remember to be respectful at the ruin site.

There are multiple ruins within the south fork of Mule Canyon that you can explore. Most of them can be found in the South facing sides of the cliff. The other ruins can be found if you continue hiking further.