Fishing in this area offers multiple opportunities for sport fishing, and great for the kids as well. Local lakes and reservoirs are stocked with fish and ready for your next fly or lure. Blanding reservoirs offers trout, and trout fishing is good on Monticello Lake and Foy Lake in the Abajo. Mountain area. The San Juan River is great for carp and channel catfish, and Lake Powell is excellent for striped bass.

Some excellent choices are Recapture Reservoir, Third and Fourth Reservoirs, Dry Wash Reservoir, Lloyds Lake, Monticello Lake, Foy Lake, Kens Lake, and Lake Powell, all within easy driving distance of your lodging. All San Juan County waters are open and stocked. 1000’s of fish are stocked every year and there are many large fish in these waters.

The most commonly stocked waters are Blanding Three and Four, the Rattlesnake ponds, and Lloyds Lake. Fishing for pike and bass at Recapture Reservoir is improving as the water temperature rises. It's always worth doing a little research on the condition of the area, some of the reservoirs can be low later in year depending on how dry the year has been. If you don't have a fishing license, you'll need to pick one up. Day or year passes can be purchased online.