Hells Revenge

Difficulty Rating: 6

This is fun trail with a scary name. Hell's Revenge is an iconic trail in Moab. It is great for beginners but has a couple optional obstacles for those with bigger rigs. If you haven't been to Moab, Hell's Revenge is a great starter trail for the week. Hell’s Revenge is a great way to get a start on  Moab’s red rocks. The trail consists of fins, steep climbs, and Moab’s famous slick-rock. A stock 4x4 vehicle can make it, but you may tear off some bumpers. With stock vehilce you likely will have to bypass some of the more difficult and famous obstacles such as Hell’s Gate, The Escalator, or one of the many hot tubs (Mickey's is the most famous). Traffic is variable and expect to spend a few hours on the trail. Please note that it costs a few bucks to get in at the booth, good news is that they now take card.

Check out All Trails for the full details of the mapping of the trail:


Disclaimer: Have fun but be careful out there.