River House Ruin

by river raft or off-road vehicle

River House Ruin is sits beside the San Juan River and is often visited by rafters on their trip down the San Juan River. The ruin has been stabilized making it safe to walk around the site. You'll see rock art (that includes snakes, hands, sheep, and more), pottery shards, and tools the Puebloans used to use. This site includes both dwellings and kivas. The ancient inhabitants were thought to be primarily farmers.

If you're riding the river, you're guides will get you there. If not, the site can be reached by off-road vehicle by driving a road that goes along Comb Wash and then follows the river. This road can be found by passing the San Juan Hill turnout and parking in the fenced area. Further down the road at the dead end you can find the River Petroglyphs.

You'll be happy you stopped. Visiting the site can be very educational and it's a great example of the types of ruins in the area. As always make sure to take enough water. If visiting in the summer, you may want to plan to visit during the cooler hours of the day.