The Citadel

The Citadel is a unique ruin as it is built at the end of a bridge of land in the Cedar Mesa Area. You can see that the ruin once went all the way around the knob on the top of the rock. There are also the remains of two rock walls across the narrow bridge of land leading to the Citadel, probably built for protection. It is about a two mile hike from the parking area. Most of the hike is easy, at one point it gets steep on the rocks right by the canyon so it is not recommended for young children.

To get to the Citadel, go 3 miles south of Blanding and turn on Hwy 95. Travel to the
turn off sign to Mexican Hat – Hwy 261 (about 35 miles). The Kane Gulch Ranger Station is just a few miles down Hwy 261. 9 miles south of the Ranger Station is a road called Cigarette Springs. Turn Left on the road. It is a dirt road with some rough places so traveling will be slow. Go 6 miles and turn left on another dirt road. Go about 3⁄4 mile to the parking area. The trail goes to the right along the top of the canyon. About one mile into the hike the trail goes to the left, off the ledge of the canyon onto a narrow trail following that ledge. Follow the trail markers down a sloping rock on your right after the ledge ends. You will then be on the “Narrow Neck of Land” leading right to the Citadel. The ruin is high on the knob and can be climbed up to, a little steep. Worth the climb!

The Citadel is very well preserved on the South side of the knob, but the North side has been subject to weather and erosion. You can still see shelves and wood that are 1000’s of years old inside the ruins.