Ballroom Cave Ruin

To get trail-head for Ballroom Cave Ruin travel on to mile marker 111. Find the pullout on
the north side of the road. There is room for a couple of vehicles. Make sure to use the bathroom beforehand and bring water, because there aren't any public facilities. From the parking pullout follow the trail that leads down into Butler Wash. Follow the trail as it goes in and out of Butler Wash. This trail will cross the creek bed multiple times as it wanders along. This hike is pretty easy. After a short distance you'll reach a point where the trail splits into two. Take the West Fork and follow the obvious trail. The trail will climb up a steep slop to Ballroom Cave. Total hiking distance is about one mile to the cave.

Ballroom Cave curtain wall has the cave falls off below. The cave lowers and goes in a long distance into rooms and into the remains of a couple of structures.

There are rock art panels that show different pictographs. The hand prints and anthropomorphs in the pictographs are typical of the Anasazi style found in the
Butler Wash area.

The ruins of Ballroom Cave are tucked against the cave wall. The beams of the roof are still intact on some of the structures.