Bulter Wash Ruin

The Butler Wash Ruin is a widely visited Anasazi site on Highway 95 southwest of Blanding,UT.  The area is partially maintained. You'll be able to see the signs to Butler Wash Ruins along the highway. The maintained portion of the trail leads to an overlook point with a fence around it. From this location you'll be able to see Anasazi ruins in their natural setting.

The trail head is located just of Utah 95 near mile marker 111. This is about 20 minutes drive time south of Blanding. Make sure to bring enough water with you.

The hike to Butler Wash overlook is about a mile round trip. About half way through the hike the trail turns from sandy wash to slickrock. Watch your step on the slickrock. It can be harder to keep on the trail on slickrock so keep an eye and make sure you follow the trail. Look for the cairn markers placed by others to make sure you follow the trail. There should be enough to get you there safely. If you've followed the trail correctly you'll reach the observation/overlook area. There is also a natural bridge that can be seen in the area.