White Rim Trail Mountain Biking


Canyonlands National Park's White Rim is a well-known long-distance cycling route. The trail follows the Colorado and Green Rivers high above the Island Mesa.

With car support, the journey can be completed in 3-5 days, with overnight stops at authorized campgrounds along the way. To travel the route, you'll need a 4WD car. It is possible to ride in either way. You'll get to climb one of the lengthy and steep descents on each side of the rim near the end of the trek. Although the major climbs total 4000 vertical feet, an altimeter or GPS gadget that records every small up-and-down will give you a total of 6000 feet.

The majority of riders cycle this trail over three or four days, staying in campgrounds. (Monster for two days.) Lunatic for a day.) Food, water, camping gear, and bike repairs will all require a support vehicle. (Even while there isn't much in the way of hazard, the trail's length, mixed with the sand, means you'll probably require some on-trail repairs.)