Porcupine Rim Mountain Biking


The world-famous Porcupine Rim ride is a classic Moab route that should be on everyone's mountain bike bucket list. The route takes you to the edge of Castle Valley (literally), then down a thrilling (and bone-jarring) drop to the edge of Jackass Canyon, where you'll ride wonderful singletrack around and down to the Colorado River.

To avoid climbing and maximize descent, the ride is best done as a point-to-point from Sand Flats Road. In Moab, there are numerous shuttle companies, so catching a ride is as simple as making a reservation and paying a fee.The ride can be extended by adding The Whole Enchilada or Beans and Cheese to the top reaches (starting from Kokopelli and riding UPS and LPS).

Brown flexible poles, cairns, and occasionally painted symbols on rock identify the way. The trail's normal riding season runs from late March to late October. Early spring and late fall may see snow, rain, or freezing temperatures due to the rim's high height. The single-track stretch is challenging and exposed in numerous areas. This stretch may need getting off your horse and strolling. An information board, a vault toilet, a trail register, and limited parking are all available at the trailhead. The water in the trailhead's stock tanks is not drinkable. There are various off-trail routes, the most of which are marked on the main map. Many of them lead nowhere. To prevent getting lost, stick to the main trail on the map.