The Whole Enchilada Mountain Biking


From an alpine pass above treeline, down to the Colorado River's sandstone canyon. The Whole Enchilada spans every form of riding and scenery that Moab has to offer, from black humus to red slickrock, singletrack to paved bike paths, in one enormous, magnificent, mind-blowing sensory explosion.

With the introduction of shuttle services, this has become one of Moab's most popular rides. On vacation weekends, there are no crowds to be found. Choose an off-peak time to ride this path for a better experience, and don't ride like you're the only one there.

The Whole Enchilada is a complete loop that begins in town, travels over many miles of paved road, and then returns to town. This is a very lengthy journey.

Even with a shuttle, the trip back to midtown will be nearly 35 miles. The Enchilada is not an easy ride, even though the shuttle version is mostly downhill.