Corona And Bow Tie Arch

Corona Arch is a spectacular,
photogenic arch located just
west of Moab. Nearby, Bowtie
Arch is also very scenic. The
route to these arches makes
one of the best short hikes in
the Moab area. It is particularly
good for children, offering
plenty of adventure to keep
them interested.
The hike crosses open slickrock
and then a ladder bolted to the
rock allows visitors to climb a
short cliff. In another spot, steps
cut into the rock and a cable aid
hikers as they ascend a steep
slickrock ridge.
The trailhead is along the Potash Road, which follows the north side of the Colorado River west from Hyw 191. The turnoff
is about 4 miles north of Moab. The trailhead is signed and is about 10 miles down the Potash Road.
The entire trail is clearly marked. From the trailhead, you climb east and cross the railroad tracks, then continue along an
old road that climbs to a gap putting you on top the bench. From there you hike on slickroad, following cairns (small piles
of rocks).
Bowtie Arch
After climbing the ladder and
Moki steps, the trail puts you on
top a large bench. You walk
along the bench, skirting drop-
offs, as the trail takes you
under Bowtie Arch. Bowtie is a
pothole-type arch located high
on the cliff above the trail.
Corona Arch
From Bowtie, the trail continues
to the base of Corona Arch,
which resembles the famous
Rainbow Bridge, with smooth
lines curving down from a
massive stone mountain. You
can easily hike right under it.
The feeling is incredible, as you
tilt your head back and gaze up
at ribbon of rock towering
above you, only clear blue ski
in the background. You return
the way you came up.