Dark Sky Parks

Many of us that live in small to large cities have forgotten what it's like to stare up into the sky and see the milky way. There are many places to stop and stargaze around southeastern Utah. Many of the towns in the area have put into effect rules to conserve the views of the night sky. The most notable of these are certified International Dark Sky Parks. The following parks are great place to look up at night:

  • Arches Nation Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Natural Bridges National Monument
  • Monument Valley National Monument

The truth is many of the places in this area that you'll find to camp and that are a bit away from civilization will have stunning views. The sky can be absolutely stunning at night when set against some majestic sandstone cliffs. The experience will be sure to awe you with the cosmic energy and expansive view of our galaxy. Bring along a star-chart and learn to re-orient yourself with the night sky. Stay up till the last hours of the night and watch the start dance around Polaris.  Take a hike by the light of the full moon and be amazed at how much you can see. However you want to do it, the night views are sure to delight and refresh.