Top Lakes and Reservoirs in San Juan County, UT

Whether you want to fish, kayak or jump in , there are some great options. Recapture Reservoir is especially good for being able to jump off the rocks and play. After a day in the heat or on the trail jumping into a body of water seems to be extra refreshing. Rinse away the dust from the trail at one of these highly recommended lakes.

Here are some of the top suggested lakes in San Juan County, UT:

  • Lloyds Lake (Monticello)
  • Recapture Reservoir (Hwy 191 North of Blanding)
  • Monticello Lake (Monticello)
  • Dry Wash Reservoir (Blanding)
  • 3rd Reservoir (Blanding)
  • 4th Reservoir (Blanding)
  • Foy Lake (Monticello)
  • Lake Powell (Bordering San Juan County)

If you're fishing you can buy fishing license at as well as look over the regulations and which lakes have been stocked.

Hit up Lake Powell for some serious boating or jet skiing with options of renting boats, kayaks, and other water toys from one of it's marinas (Halls Crossing or Bullfrog). Find out why it's a popular vacation spot across Utah. There are man miles of canyons only reachable from the water that you can explore at your leisure while camping on one of the beaches.