Falls Missile, Lockhart Basin, and Hurrah Pass ATV Trails

The name of the trail is derived because of the falls on lower Indian Creek and a spent booster rocket that was launched from Green River Utah and dropped near Canyonlands National Park. The trail runs over slick rock and sand. You will travel through some unique red rock sandstone formations. The trail is adjacent to Canyonlands National Park. We recommend you find a map of the Falls Missile Area.

Directions: Follow the Directions to Hamburger Rock. Continue past The Falls on Trail 1. You will leave Trail 1 to make the Falls Missile loop, which puts you back on Trail 1 where you continue to Lockhart Basin and to Hurrah Pass if desired. Bring plenty of food and water as you are on your own for miles of wilderness beauty!

If you continue through Lockhart Basin you will go over Hurrah Pass going through Kane Creek right into Moab. Another option would be going to Chicken Corners by this route. This is an ALL DAY round-trip, taking from sun up to sun down — but full of beauty and adventure!