The Processional Panel Petroglyphs

The Procession Panel is a 20-foot conga line of 179 tiny marching figures.  

Driving directions: From Blanding, Utah, go south 3 miles to Hwy 95. Travel on Hwy 95 to milepost 112. Just after this milepost you will see a dirt road to your left. This is fairly maintained, but a higher clearance vehicle is advised. Travel 14.4 miles south. You will see a drive to your right that ends with an old cedar post. Park here.

Hiking Directions: The Procession Panel Petroglyphs do require a nice little hike.  The trail immediately south from the carpark and go west down through the wash. Head toward the low-angled slickrock slope immediately to your southwest with two rounded domes on its upper slopes. Follow the cairns (stacks of rocks) across the slickrock. The first ascent section is on these slickrock slopes until the upper south drainage is reached. Walk up the drainage to the dome on your right. Continue up this shallow canyon. Before you reach the edge of Comb Ridge you will see a rock shelf to your right. Hike up this shelf and walk along it. You will see the petroglyphs along the dark wall. It is about 2 miles round trip, and an excellent hike. Children will be able to do the hike, just make sure you have plenty of water and snacks.

Important - The area is criss-crossed with confusing roads and trails. Navigation for this route can be slightly difficult.

For more detailed instructions see below.

Procession Panel on Comb Ridge - Visiting Ancestral rock art
Procession Panel is an easy hike to an intriguing petroglyph panel near the top of Comb Ridge. 3-4 miles round-trip to see Ancestral rock art