Funnel Arch Hike

Kane Creek Boulevard, the well-traveled road to Kane Creek Canyon's camping, biking, hiking, and petroglyphs, leads to Funnel Arch. Park at a huge pullout right above the switchbacks, then scramble up a series of rock ledges to a clear, steep drainage just above. This portion needs a short amount of fifth-class climbing, but if you look closely, you can find solid holds. Continue upward to the right after topping out. On your left, you'll round the corner of a massive rock fin and turn into another slot drainage with a juniper tree growing in the centre. This is a much simpler climb than the last, and you'll be able to see Funnel Arch once you reach the summit.

The steep scramble, on the other hand, is worth more than just the arch. A bird's-eye perspective of Kane Creek Canyon can be had by climbing to the cliff's edge.