Rock Climb Dragonfly Canyon

Dragonfly Canyon is a fast-paced canyoneering activity that includes a necessary swim in a pothole. This canyon is a little more difficult because it needs a necessary swim and, more than likely, a portion of wet pot holes to navigate, which can be difficult even when dry. For the last rappel, you'll need conventional canyoneering equipment as well as two 60m ropes. If you're driving into the park, start by parking on a small pullout on the right about a mile up the road after crossing the courthouse wash. From here, follow the clear national park signs eastward, which rapidly change into cairns. As you navigate through this delicate world, take care to only step on durable materials. You'll eventually come to a crossroads with the canyon, where you can begin your descent. You will be faced with a difficult down-climb if you approach the canyon too far to the north. If your group is unable to safely finish this, exit the canyon and reenter from a more accessible location further south.