Itinerary – Grand Loop Road Trip


On one of the days you will definitely want to leave your lodging early after enjoying a nice breakfast in your full kitchen while watching the sunrise from your front porch. As you travel south through Blanding, be sure to stop at Clarks Market/Deli and gather up fixings for a scrumptious picnic lunch. Head west on Highway 95 with a stop at Mule Canyon Ruins. It is a short walk with some of the ruins dating back to almost BC times. From there continue west to Natural Bridges, passing by the Bears Ears Buttes off to the north on your way there. In Natural Bridges there are 3 major overlooks that are an easy walk from the parking areas. When finished there, go back east from Natural Bridges, and then travel south on Highway 261 towards Mexican Hat. As you start slowing down for the Moki Dugway, you will want to drive out to Muley Point Overlook, a vast view of Monument Valley in Arizona, Sleeping Ute Mountain in Colorado, Shiprock in New Mexico, and of course Utah. Then return back to Highway 261 and travel down the Moki Dugway for more spectacular views. Goosenecks will be your next stop and be sure to bring your camera. Travel next to Bluff on Highway 163 and stop at Bluff Fort to see where the first settlement was in this corner of Utah, and be sure to watch the video of the pioneers driving their horses and wagons through this treacherous country. After Bluff Fort it will be Dinner Time at Twin Rocks Café or Dukes Bistro. Take a second to wander through the gift shop. For dinner, we recommend the Sheepherders Sandwich. Navajo Fry-bread with the meat and veggies inside with a side salad, and be sure to ask for extra homemade honey mustard sauce and smother it! At Dukes Bistro you will want a perfect steak. Then you will travel north on Highway 191 back to your lodging for a relaxed evening watching the sun go down and the deer grazing nearby.