Sage Creek on-site Caretaker

You're on-site caretaker has been hired by the property owner to be there for you during you stay. Here is some added clarification on what your on-site caretaker has been hired to do for you:

  • Any check-in/check-out questions
  • Questions about early check-in/check-outs (please note that during high rental times, early check-ins/outs permissions are very rare)
  • Any lock entry malfunctions
  • Maintenance issues
  • Any pool area items, or any other questions you may during your stay.
  • Any lost and found behind items
  • Elevator issues

Please note that if your caretaker does not respond right away please leave them a message and or send them a text message and they should be able to see your message and get back to you soon.

Items that your caretaker will not handle (handled by host):

  • Any financials, billing details, etc
  • Any booking/re-booking details.