Needles and Anticline Overlooks

Located approximately 22 miles north of Monticello, The Needles Overlook Road is widely considered the best overlook of the Canyonlands National Park Needles District. The road is accessible year round.

Driving Directions: From Monticello head north on US-191 for approximately 22 miles. Then head west on the Needles overlook Road. Time/Distance The route is 76 miles round trip once you leave US-191 and takes approximately three to four hours. Some camping is available in the area.

Wide views of the Needles district and canyons form from the Colorado River. On a clear day, and most of them are, you can see all of the way to Dead-horse Point to the north. The other directions overlooks the six shooters and Indian creek. There are restrooms and picnic table on the lower paths making it an amazing place to share a meal. Much of the views face west so we also recommend catching a sunset there.

Anticline overlook is also amazing with similar views but adds some miles to the round trip. Be safe. There are fences at most of the viewpoints, but there are opportunities in the other areas to get close to the edge. There are also a few benches around to sit and take in the scenery.