San Juan Hill

In 1879 and 1880 pioneers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints blazed a wagon trail from Escalante to the Four Corners. The same Pioneers that came down Hole-in-the-Rock. San Juan Hill, part of Comb Ridge, was the last big obstacle on the trail and one of the steepest. I took the pioneers days to build a wagon road that would be possible.

The hike is intermediate and leads to gorgeous views of the San Juan River. As you're hiking put yourself in the place of pioneers and image taking a wagon up the trail. You can still see some of the footholds that were carved into the rock for the oxen and horses to place their hoofs. In some cases they had to hook up many extra animals to the wagons to provide enough support for when some animals slipped other animals could keep pulling. It's no wonder that on the top you can find carved into the rock these words: “WE THANK THEE O GOD.” Look for the inscription at the top of the hill to your right.

The site can also be reached by 4X4 or ATV from a dirt road in Comb Wash.